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Michelle is the current world record holding for the one million metre row. She beat the previous record by 10 hours and 29 mins.

Michelle has an impressive history of athletic achievements.  She has proved time and again, her ability to push beyond her boundaries, to take on bigger and bigger challenges, to go through the gruelling training required to prepare for them, and to succeed.  All of these challenges have required not only top physical fitness, but a mastery over her emotional and mental states. 

In 1996, Michelle did a 9-day trek covering 160km to the peak of the Annapurna Circuit, through the Himalayas hiking a 14kg pack the whole time.

In 2012, she trekked the 96km Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea. She completed the ruggedly relentless trek of constant undulations, in just 5 days – a trek normally only able to be done in 9 to 12 days. And all the while carrying a fully loaded backpack.

And, just for fun, she has done many Mini-Triathlons, long distance ocean swims, parasailing & white water rafting.  To say nothing of the weekly 40-60km cycling, along with 14-18km runs she does, just to clear her system on a Sunday morning.

Now, as part of her preparation to take on The Worlds Toughest Row (the 5000km Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge) December 2017, she is challenging the title for the 1 million metre rowing challenge (1000km) on 21 January 2017,  determined to win as the The Worlds Fastest Woman Rower in the Concept 2 rowing machine challenge.

Determination has been one of the underpinning characteristics of Michelle’s life, so stand by and get ready to cheer her to victory.