Tough day in the office - Day 15


Now Michelle Lee is entering her third week at sea and has rowed over 640nm. The last few days has seen her settling into life at sea. What does that mean? Well the seas have been living up to the Atlantic stories of confusion and cross seas, making for tiring conditions to row in. For those of you closely watching her via the tracker, her 24hrs distances have not been matching those of her two category competitors. They are closing the gap…..

After analysing this information Michelle recognises that she was rowing less than the 14hrs per day which was her objective for the race. So she’s decided to increase her hours and row at night. She’ll be the first to admit that rowing without a moon and in pitch black is daunting as her oars get caught in cross seas and pushed like a ramrod against her stomach. Or worst, just wrenched forward out of her arms - both very dangerous to a solo rower.
She’s now adapting to her new environment of rowing in the dark - 2hrs sleep then rowing for 3-4hrs then sleeping again. Tough stuff but Michelle is determined to do what she set out to do.

Tony (DPA) says it was tough when Michelle has called and he has revealed that she is currently being out performed by the other solo competitors with their current 24hrs stats. He’s job is to positively ‘kick butt’ and he does this by reminding her of her own race objectives. She is extremely competitive and this reminder has spurred her on. Her latest mileage update, shown what she is capable of – by matching and bettering her two competitors.
Apart from the new regime, Michelle remains upbeat, confident and determined to work through the many issues these solo rowers face everyday. Her boat and equipment continue to work well. Stay tuned!

Courtesy of Tony Roberts (Designated Person Ashore)