Smooth sailing....oops rowing! - Days 47-49

After several days of high and confused seas Michelle Lee is now experiencing light winds with the sea state down to a 1.8mt swell which is a relatively flat ocean. The strategy is now to regain some heading north and at the same time progress to the west.

During the last few days Michelle has had no assistance from the wind and only made mileage by rowing hard. She knows all progress is in her hands and her previous low ‘teens’ mileage is steadily turning upwards with a 30nm in the most recent read.

As conditions smoothed Tony has encouraged her to check the bottom again for ‘freeloaders’. Our brave Michelle went over the side again to find all the nasties back. So she sent them packing much to the delight of the fish accompanying her along her journey.

Michelle has one more day of light, variable winds and then come Thursday, the beloved easterlies are back. Yahoo! Hopefully its a wind assisted run to the finish line. By close of racing tomorrow she’ll be down to the 700’s to go and she’s says her body is doing great. So keep tuned to Michelle on YB Racing Track Viewer!

Courtesy of Tony Roberts (Designated Person Ashore)