Less than 300nm to go! - Days 60-62

Michelle happy with 440 nm to go!  Photo credit: Robin Skjoldborg

Michelle happy with 440 nm to go! Photo credit: Robin Skjoldborg

Showing the joy of ocean rowing. Michelle is photographed by Robin Skjoldborg.

Michelle Lee has really excelled for the past 3 days. She has steadily and methodically moved north in preparation for the coming high winds and building seas. She’s pursued a steady row north to sufficiently offset the potential southward movement. Tony has asked her to get the drogue all setup and ready in case it’s needed in the next few days.

She is in an excellent state of mind considering she’s been out there for 62 days! She has been suffering though with a very sore bottom lip (despite continual balm and protection) and a very persistent but erratic sore tooth. But all is good.

She was over the moon as she had found half a toilet roll buried in her front cabin. She had run out which was a major setback about five days ago. She was offered some male advice however it went over like a lead balloon, so finding this little treasure lifted her spirits.

Unfortunately her tracker seems to have stopped as the Feb 11 and her position has not updated. Hopefully it will be rectified soon and you can check at YB Tracking Race Viewer.

Courtesy of Tony Roberts (Designated Person Ashore)