Happy Australia Day - Days 44-46

Australian flag.png

Well it maybe a day of celebration for all Australians, but its not so happy for our Michelle Lee who’s out facing some big, confused and ugly conditions right now. For those tracking the race you’ll notice a big shift to the south for all solo rowers aside from the ‘wonder kid’, Lukas Haitzmann on The Wild Oarsman, who is nearly 300nm ahead and in slightly better conditions.
But fear not, our girl has the boat, equipment, and the capability to fight through these ugly conditions. She’s worked out how to head her autopilot south for a better angle against the waves and she’s is in control. She’s now well over 200nm ahead of her other competition!

In complete contrast on Day 44 Michelle had a visit by Pumula, a super yacht, who dropped by to chat and offer to supply anything she may want. She had to decline as the race stipulates no outside assistance. They sent up a drone to take video and photos so hopefully she can follow up to get that footage.

The weather will improve from today as this big low pressure system moves east. It’s been slow moving as trapped by a high to the west of it. So Michelle is going to get light and variable winds from Sunday but that’s far better than her recent sea state.

Michelle is under 1,000nm to go!

Courtesy of Tony Roberts (Designated Person Ashore)