Full steam ahead - Days 16-18

Mahimahi  Photo Credit: NOAA Fisheries

Mahimahi Photo Credit: NOAA Fisheries

Michelle Lee has settled into her life at sea and she’s happy with working toward total sync with her race challenge and the elements.

The past few days have enabled her to research her rowing style to get the maximum from every stroke. She’s trying different positions including leg placement and pressure. She is finding herself she has put more pressure on her left leg (it doesn’t do the steering) and this has changed her steering position which in turn has over stressed one shoulder. Sometimes this occurs instinctlvely as the boat often heels to one side, especially with large NW swells, which are hiting the boat broadside.

Michelle is concentrating more on her rowing position and thinking less of the conditions as she becomes accustom to sea state changes. She’s constantly thinking of better ways to improve her performance!

At 2130hrs she’d had her first hot meal for days and enjoyed a a cup of Earl Gray tea before getting ready for a another 2hr sleep before rowing again. She is in high spirits marveling at the sea life around her, particularly the huge Mahimahi swimming all around her showing her how colourful they are.

She is currently in light airs, as is the whole fleet, which means no wind assistance to her rowing mileage. Waves are 2.6mtr high and building. By Sunday midnight the swell will build to a predicted 3.7mtrs with 13sec intervals. She is totally ready for this. Fortunately the wind is under 10kts so there will be no wind waves adding to the swells and she’ll get huge rolling waves hitting her beam side (middle).

Again her numbers for 24hr performances have been well up since targeting concentration and her rowing form. She is in a good place!

Courtesy of Tony Roberts (Designated Person Ashore)