Done and Dusted - Days 19-21

Anangel Excellent in the Atlantic Ocean  Photo Credit:

Anangel Excellent in the Atlantic Ocean Photo Credit:

As at 1240hr UTC today Michelle Lee has completed 21 days at sea, rowed 836nm, with 1869nm to go – fanbloodytastic!!!!

The last three days however have taken their toll on Michelle, and the rest of the fleet. Another low pressure system has moved across north of the fleet, and a large high pressure system has stopped this low moving south, meaning very light winds for all of the rowers. It also means Michelle’s two main competitors have been faced with southerly winds, which have pushed them further north, so we should see her rivals disadvantage in the next few days.

Michelle has maintained a west-south-west course whilst holding her latitude well south of her rivals. This strategy is actually starting to pay off but it has come at a cost. Both yesterday and last night the seas were very tough on her - the swells and wind waves have forced her north west. This has meant the boat has been on a constant lean, making the starboard oar doing all the work, whilst the port oar skips out of the water. The result is a very sore right shoulder and an extremely sore left ankle. Plus lots of bruising and a very painful left hip. The mental and physical test is beginning to take its toll…..

After speaking with her Atlantic Campaign Safety Officer she has altered her course more north by 20 degrees. Now the boat is happier and Michelle is happier with a little help from Nurofen - it’s has been magic! Her spirits are now high again. Better still the winds are now easterly in her sector while the others still have a southerly component in theirs. This little wind assistance makes it far more harder to row however, and reduces her overall speed.

Michelle’s hard work is starting to pay dividends and things will get better. She now has beautiful weather, cloudless skies (great for solar recharging) and she’s had plenty of company with abundant sea life under her. All equipment working well.

Speaking of company, our girl sighted two large ships and she’s been chatting with them on the radio. The two ships are Nordkapp and Anangel Excellent who have been tracking her and others close by.
Courtesy of Tony Roberts (Designated Person Ashore)