A week completed on the Atlantic ocean!

Michelle’s last 24 hrs in indicative of just how focus she is on the job to be Australia’s first female to row the Atlantic Ocean. She’s just completed the fasted time for her - covering 44nm to average 1.5kts per hr. Meanwhile Tame the Kraken, which is a ‘Concept’ boat, is the only one to better her performance with an 45nm average.

Michelle is very bright and happy with this report on her last 24hrs. She is reading the numbers and noticed her 3.5 - 4kts boat speed, which is loving. She wants to row even harder! Her body is aching but she has no problems, and is very positive with one week under her belt. She’s feeling confident she’ll hold up to the punishment she’s dishing out to herself. Her boat is performing well and no other maintenance issues to report - yay!

You may see her track moving further south. This is deliberate strategy to try and get her further south to pick up trade winds, and to also try and avoid a low pressure system. She’s going this way with a few companions - two tiny seabirds and she swears that one of them is her dad watching over her!

Michelle wants express her thanks for the love and best wishes everyone is showering her with. She hopes you will all follow her journey to the end whatever that night be.

Courtesy of Tony Roberts (Designated Person Ashore)