First equipment failure

After a huge day one and two, Michelle faced her first equipment failure, just as she was about to rest. The auto pilot has failed! With Tony she tried to diagnose the problem but it was decided not fixable. Despite being tired and cold Michelle installed the spare and hoped for things to improve. The rudder was locked off for the installation so she simply went around in circles as there was little wind to push her forwards….

Later in the evening Michelle reported the wonderful news that the new pilot was working well. She decided to continue watch on it for another hour before retiring for a well earned sleep. Meanwhile she has maintained her position as second overall in the solo group of rowers.

A gutsy start from Michelle with 2500 nautical miles DTG (distance to go) and strong with problem solving this tricky problem. A huge thanks to our DPA’s ‘sub DPA, Justin Grunwald in helping solve this problem.

Courtesy of Tony Roberts (Designated Person Ashore)