Chasing the breeze - Days 3 and 4

Michelle is now settling down to the business of rowing. After a long road to the starting line, and the early maintenance issues, she is now just working on rowing. She’s feeling strong, is focused on rowing over the swells, and will continue on into the night hours.
The wind is NE 15-18kts and there’s a big 3-4mtr swell rolling in onto her starboard (right) side so she’s rowing further south to try and ride with them. She can’t go too far south as she’ll run into lighter winds.

For those not in the know, there are 2 categories (‘Pure’ and ‘Concept’) in all rowing boat classes - Solo, Pairs, Trio and Fours. Michelle’s boat Australian Maid is in the ‘Pure’ category, as are The Blue Rower and Row2Raise. These boats have less advantage with wind assistance because their raised cabin is at the stern of the boat. Tame the Kraken and The Wild Oarsman are ‘Concept’ category and these have their large cabins at the front, therefore benefiting’ greatly from the wind. The two currently leading are ‘Concept’ boats!

Courtesy of Tony Roberts (Designated Person Ashore)