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My dream has come true! I’m AUSTRALIA’S FIRST FEMALE to row SOLO across the Atlantic Ocean

Australian maid - Michelle lee

Michelle has an impressive history of athletic achievements. She has proven time and time again her ability to push beyond her boundaries – to take on bigger and bigger challenges. She goes through the gruelling training required for every challenge so she can succeed.  These challenges have required not only top physical fitness, but a mastery over her emotional and mental states. Determination and grit are one of Michelle’s underpinning characteristics.

We’re delighted to have been able to host Michelle at the 2017 Aon Sydney International Regatta and to have played a small part in her breaking the world record.
— Michael Scott, Rowing Australia CEO

Michelle Lee’s WORLD RECORD

australian made_ML_L.jpg

Australia MAID

Michelle’s Home for 3,000 miles…..

My boat is about 7m long and under 2m wide. There’s an impossibly small cabin for protection against extreme weather.

Australian Maid – the boat

The boat is a Woodvale design, which is the original design of these ocean rowing boats, which are self-righting and shaped to move easily through sea waves. Ballast for the rowboat is provided by freshwater tanks and there is only one on seat aboard. Australian Maid is carbon fibre instead of the original Plywood material and therefore is lighter and stronger.

more boat stuff

  • The boat rolls back up when it has capsized and has a self draining deck

  • Everything is stored underneath the deck, in the cabin or under the gunwales

  • An electronic chart plotter displays my position, heading and speed

  • A Global Navigation Satellite (GPS) system tells me exactly where I am

  • Ships can see me by electronic systems and wildlife by a big light

  • Auto Helm self steers the boat when I sleep

  • Radios and Sat phones let me check in and have a chat

  • A life jacket and Personal Locator Beacon (PBL) keep me safe

  • Brakes, anchor and chain slow me down in storms

  • Water makers and desalinator produce my water

  • Emergency flares are just in case I need them

  • I have back up systems for everything on board